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Using plastic storage solutions for long-term storage and organization is great, but I needed some storage solutions for my kids' toys, books and other stuff that would normally clutter up their bedrooms. I chose to use Sterilite storage drawers as under-bed storage. Instead of just sliding plastic bins under the beds, I built beds around the self-contained storage drawers offered by Sterilite. I created a very integrated look that provides tons of storage. In fact, my L-shaped twin beds use ten 16-liter storage drawers for a total of 160 liters of usable storage space that would normally be lost. My double bed solution uses eight Sterilite plastic storage drawers for a total of 134 liters of usable under-bed storage space.

Many of you have asked about plans for these bed projects. I'm sorry to say I've got too many projects going right now to develop plans of my own, but you can find plans for very similar beds at

          Twin Beds                       Double Bed

Corner Twin Beds with Underbed Storage  -   Double Bed with Underbed Storage  -